Collection: Signature Series

Wall Control Signature Series Textured Matte Pegboard Colors

The Limited Edition Gym Pegboard Signature Series Panels have a durable matte textured finish which is both pleasing to the eye and tough enough to endure. The Pegboards are powder-coated with the same method as ATV chassis to provide a scratch-resistant and long-lasting finish.

Designed for vertical alignment, the Gym Pegboard Signature Series Pegboards can support Gym Pegboard's slotted accessories like hooks, brackets, and shelves. Additionally, conventional pegs can also be used.

These Vertical Peg Board Panels offer maximum flexibility for pegboard storage, accepting both conventional 1/4in Pegboard Pegs and Accessories as well as Gym Pegboard’s Slotted Hooks, Brackets, Shelves, and Peg Board Supplies to keep your gym equipment securely stored.

Gym Pegboard Signature Series Pegboard Panels are Made in USA