Collection: Hooks

Gym Pegboard Slotted Equipment Board Hooks for Gym Pegboard Metal Equipment feature an attractive finish and stable engagement. The powder-coated metal equipment hooks feature a scratch and rust resistant baked-on finish that will last for years. These more secure and stable slotted equipment board hooks are for use with the slots found in all Gym Pegboard Metal Equipment board full sized panels.

Gym Pegboard Slotted Equipment board hooks offer a patented engagement that requires two deliberate motions up-and-down to engage and disengage and they feature adjustable stabilizing taps to create tension between the equipment panel face and the hook, essentially locking it into place on the pegboard. These features make Gym Pegboard Slotted hooks less likely to fall out of the equipment board than conventional equipment hooks that can easily fall off when equipment is removed.

Although Gym Pegboard Metal Equipment Panels will accept conventional 1/4in equipment pegs as well as Gym Pegboard Slotted Accessories the Slotted Secure Equipment Board Hooks manufactured by Gym Pegboard are only for use with Gym Pegboard Metal Equipment Panels and Boards.

Gym Pegboard Products are Made in the USA