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Gym Pegboard

Medium 90-Degree Bend Slotted Hook (4) Pack - 10-HM-R02

Medium 90-Degree Bend Slotted Hook (4) Pack - 10-HM-R02

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Part Number: 10-HM-R02

Pack Includes:

(4) Medium 90 Degree Slotted Tool Board Hooks

Product Description:

The Gym Pegboard Medium 90 Degree Slotted Hook for Gym Pegboard's Pegboard and Slotted Tool Board is great for home and garage gym equipment storage and organization. It's a versatile pegboard hook that can easily hang items with odd shapes on Gym Pegboard.

The Gym Pegboard Medium 90 Degree Slotted Hook extends roughly 1in from the pegboard tool board and features a 90 degree 1in bend and a 1/2in tip which prevents accessories from sliding off the peg hook.

Gym Pegboard Slotted Metal Pegboard Hooks feature a scratch and rust resistant baked-on finish. These more secure and stable hooks are for use with the slots found in Gym Pegboard Metal Pegboard tool board panels only.

Gym Pegboard Slotted hooks provide a patented engagement mechanism that requires deliberate up-and-down motions to secure and release the hooks. This design significantly reduces the risk of hooks falling out of the board compared to conventional peg hooks, which are prone to detachment when items are taken off.

The Gym Pegboard hooks are equipped with stabilizing tabs that can be gently bent towards the panel face using a pair of pliers. This creates tension against the panel face, effectively securing the hooks in place. Fine-tuning may be necessary depending on the panel's finish, as some finishes may be thicker than others depending on color.

These slotted Gym Pegboard hooks are only for use with Gym Pegboard and Slotted Panels. Although Gym Pegboard Metal Pegboard Panels will accept conventional 1/4in pegboard accessories as well as Gym Pegboard Slotted Accessories the Slotted Secure Hooks included in this pack are only for use with Gym Pegboard Metal Pegboard Panels.

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