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Gym Pegboard, in partnership with Wall Control Storage Systems, offers an affordable, versatile, and customizable wall-mounted metal pegboard storage system for gym equipment. Combining over two decades of expertise as the leader in wall-mounted pegboard storage systems with years of customer feedback, extensive research, and development, Gym Pegboard delivers high-quality, innovative solutions to the gym community.


Durability - Our robust metal pegboard prevents the peg holes from fraying and deteriorating over time. Traditional pegboard panels start out unpleasant, wear out quickly, and eventually the pegboard hooks no longer remain engaging in their peg hole and will fall out if gym equipment is removed. Our panel, manufactured in the USA from 20 gauge steel, guarantees that Gym Pegboard's system will last a lifetime; many times longer than traditional gym accessory products.

Strength - Our One-Piece Installation metal pegboard is over 10 times stronger than conventional pegboard, making it the most secure metal pegboard system for gym equipment storage. In fact, Gym Pegboard is specifically designed to mount directly to the wall --no cleat or rail systems needed. This "Direct to Wall" mounting system inherently offers more security than the competition because the panel is securely mounted to the wall. The Flush-With-Wall return flanges on Wall Control Pegboards allow the installation screw head to snug up tight with solid panel to wall contact.

Versatility - Our unique "Combo" style panels allow the user the option of utilizing 1/4 in traditional pegboard hooks as well as our own patented, much more secure, "double offset" hook and slot design. Wall Control's metal panels are also magnetic so you can attach all your magnetic accessories, a truly encompassing omni tool wall storage organization system. Engineered for both secure engagement and ease of movement, Wall Control's Hooks, Brackets, Shelves, and Accessories will install easily and stay put. The versatility of these storage panels is also highlighted by the all-steel shelving system that Wall Control panels support. Finally, a pegboard system that has the ability to support substantial weight on a matching, integrated shelving system.

Ease of installation - Wall Control sets up in minutes. Wall Control panels offer a straightforward One-Piece Installation, mount the panels directly to the wall and you're done. Simplicity of installation was a key criteria during the design phase of this pegboard system. Manufactured with a built-in flange on all four sides, the Wall Control storage panel requires no pre-built framework and mounts directly to any flat surface. The flange spaces the panel's perforated face away from the wall so that the hooks, brackets, and shelves will engage. The convenient 16"x32" standard size and modular design make it easy to handle and a snap to assemble. If you have traditional 16" stud spacing, you can hit studs all the way down your wall with Gym Pegboard's brilliant mounting hole instructions. If not, have no worries, we include drywall anchors as well, so hitting studs is not required, although obviously preferred, if possible.

Attractive Appearance - Available in eight durable colors with scratch-resistant, powder-coated designs, as well as a reflective and eye-catching metallic galvanized finish, Gym Pegboard Storage Systems are versatile enough for any location where wall-mounted storage is needed for your gym. These top-quality finishes resist rust and stains and even wipe clean with a damp rag. You can never go wrong with a blend of sleek design and high-quality finishes.

Affordability & Value - Nothing on the market matches the value and affordability of a Gym Pegboard Storage System. It's a must-have for every fitness enthusiast.