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Gym Pegboard

Medium Slotted Hook (4) Pack - 1-7/8in Reach - 10-HM-002

Medium Slotted Hook (4) Pack - 1-7/8in Reach - 10-HM-002

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Part Number: 10-HM-002

Pack Includes:

(4) Medium 1-7/8in Slotted Gym Pegboard Tool Board Hooks

Product Description:

The Gym Pegboard Medium 1-7/8in Slotted Hook for Gym Pegboard's Pegboard and Slotted Tool Board is one of our most versatile hooks. These hooks are great for gym equipment storage. The Gym Pegboard Medium Hook is ideal for gym equipment storage and organization and is a great pegboard hook for hanging various items such as resistance bands and virtually any item that features a nail hole or eye hole.

The Gym Pegboard Medium 1-7/8in Slotted Hook extends 1-7/8in from the pegboard  and features a 1/2in tip which prevents accessories from sliding off the peg hook.

Experience the durability of Gym Pegboard Slotted Metal Pegboard Hooks, equipped with a scratch and rust resistant baked-on finish. These hooks offer superior security and stability, exclusively designed for use with Gym Pegboard Metal Pegboard tool board panels.

The patented design of Gym Pegboard Slotted hooks ensures a secure engagement, requiring deliberate up-and-down motions to attach and detach. This unique feature significantly reduces the chances of the hooks falling out of the panel, unlike conventional peg hooks that tend to dislodge easily when items are removed.

The Gym Pegboard hooks are equipped with stabilizing tabs that can be gently bent towards the panel face using a pair of pliers, creating tension and securely locking them in place. It may require some minor adjustments depending on the panel finish, as certain finishes may be thicker or thinner depending on the color.

These slotted Gym Pegboard hooks are designed exclusively for use with Gym Pegboard and Slotted Panels. While Gym Pegboard Metal Pegboard Panels can accommodate conventional 1/4in pegboard accessories as well as Gym Pegboard Slotted Accessories, the Slotted Secure Board Hooks included in this pack are specifically intended for use with Gym Pegboard Metal Pegboard Panels.

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